Build Instructions


Building the framework requires a working c++ compiler and the Boost C++ libraries (version 1.57.0 can be build automatically at step 3. below). (For the CELL platform you'll need libspe v1 installed and for a PlayStation3 specifically it is preferable to use a normal pc for cross-compiling.)


1. Download a copy of the source files
svn checkout hashclash-read-only
2. Edit Makefile.local as needed for your system

Change the `CPP` and `CPPFLAGS` toyour needs.

If you do not want to compile the boost libraries at the next step then make sure that `INCLUDEDIRS` and `LIBDIRS` include the directories containing your Boost C++ headers and libraries and that `SBL`has the correct value.

(CELL platform: uncomment the last 6 lines of Makefile.local and adjust them to your system configuration. The`CELLINCLUDEDIRS` and `CELLLIBDIRS` should point to (a copy of) the header and library directories of your PlayStation3 system on the normal pc forcross-compiling.)

3. Optionally: download and build boost C++ libraries 1.57.0 (recommended)
make boost

(CELL platform: this step shouldbe performed on the CELL system.)

4. Build the HashClash programs

(CELL platform: for a PlayStation3 it is advised to perform this step on a normal pc and cross-compile the HashClash programs.)


Sources provided AS IS

The birthday search also includes a special implementation for NVIDIA's CUDA, however no build rules are available at the moment. Prebuild binaries will be released for the windows platform.